About MEDIAPRO Community

The current project is being set to promote the creation and production of media content by and for the community.

Mission & Vision:

“MEDIAPRO Community” is a project conceived to establish a media production department aiming to provide graphic design & visual communication services to Cranford Community College, Berkeley Academy and any other partner of the trust.

The further vision of this project is to grow aiming to become a sort of community able to produce content by inviting volunteers who could help creating articles or audiovisual material. The strategy include the creation of anew media brand able to deliver interesting community content while being a vehicle with potential to generate income through the sale of advertising spaces (sponsors & partners).


  • Promote the production of media content by and for the community, while sharing knowledge and experience in a cooperative atmosphere.
  • Encouraging members of the community to collaborate and participate in the production of their own media, while helping them to express their own needs, initiatives and activism. (English writing, Literature, Art, Photography, Theatre, Music…)
  • Help people to increase their technical skills while gaining confidence and experience.
  • Create a positive impact on the community, through the elaboration of media content able to reinforce a sense of belonging to the community itself, while setting the basis to try alternative methods to generate some income.

Main Partners & Sponsors

Cranford Community College
Berkeley Academy

Other Partners:

It is worth mentioning our equipment (hardware) would run on open-source software, allowing to be in tune with the vision and values promoted by STUDIOSS.org.

  • OLIVE Video Editor
  • Kdenlive
  • OpenShot
  • ShotCut
  • Blender 3D
  • Krita
  • GIMP
  • Inkscape
  • Synfig
  • Pencil 2D
  • Scribus